7 Skills You Need To Become An Excellent Social Media Manager

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By Tamilore Adewuyi

Making money on the internet is not a new trend. However, there is an increased awareness because the value of the internet in wealth creation cannot be overlooked. This is why there is a high demand and supply of digital skills such as social media management.

Social media management is the art of effectively using the social media page(s) of a brand to represent the brand, and send and receive information for the brand. A social media manager is responsible for monitoring, filtering, and executing a brand or business' social media presence. Their job is to handle the social media accounts of a company — selecting what information to attend to, ignore, discredit or report back to organization.

It is easy and it (almost) costs nothing to become a social media manager. However, before becoming one, there are key skills you need to have. And here are 7 of them:

1. Time Management

Different social media pages have different times when engagement is at its peak. As a social media manager, you have to be conversant with these times and post accordingly. In cases where you have a foreign audience, you have to make posts according the time zone of the country. Also, you would need to understand how to balance your personal activities and managing the client's page. To effectively strike a balance, it is recommended you have a content calendar.

2. Content Writing

The aim of being a social media manager is to engage a company’s audience and also, depending on the company, convert leads into clients. A veritable way to do this is through writing. Every social media page offers a writing platform to its users. Thus, as a social media manager, you need to know how to write. Learn how to tell stories. Learn copywriting. This would help you get engagements and conversions. Learn how to write creatively — make up a story that is resonant and relatable. Such a story will generate more traffic, shares and likes.

3. Marketing

As a social media manager, you should be able to market the product and services of the brand you work for. This is where your copywriting skill comes into play. Master the use of hashtags and trends to sell your clients.

4. Good communication skill

A social media manager is the brand’s first customer care representative. People will most likely make an inquiry in the comment section than make a phone call or send a mail. So you should be able to offer customer service — talk to customers respectfully and guide them through solving their problems. Social media management can be a hectic task, so learn to be cordial while responding to inquiries even if you’re having a bad day.

5. Graphic Designing

You need to be creative to know the best way to communicate with your audience. Sometimes, writing may not be enough, so you’d need images/graphics. After all, a picture speaks more than a New York Times Bestseller. Be conversant with graphics design. Graphics, when used rightly, are bound to catch the attention of your audience.

6. Research

You cannot know industry trends if you do not research. To move with trends and align the brand’s message with them, you must know how to carry out research.

7. Analysis and Reporting

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have one common feature: analytics. This feature allows you to see the impressions and engagements you have on your posts. In some cases, you also see the demographics of your audience. As a good social media manager, you should be able to analyse this data and produce detailed reports that would guide the brand into making informed decisions.


Although being a social media manager requires practice, understanding how different social media platforms work, and learning other skills, it is highly rewarding. Begin your journey today to becoming a social media manager by enrolling in our Social Media Money Code.

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