7 Post Ideas To Entertain Your Instagram Audience

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By Tamilore Adewuyi

One of the hardest things to do on Instagram as a brand is keeping your audience entertained.

Instagram supports visual aesthetics, and many users already know how to harness this opportunity to entertain their audience. However, as a brand, it is not enough to post any picture or video. You need to separate yourself from the pack and give your followers unique and creative content they can’t get anywhere else.

Here are 7 post ideas that would guide you on how to do this.

1. Ask Questions

question mark

This is a good way to get ideas from your audience. It also saves your platform from repetitive posts. For instance, if you have a cryptocurrency brand, you could ask: “What would the price of Bitcoin be in 3 years?” This will give you an idea about people’s perception of the market, and you can craft content around their answers to either dispel or support their opinions.

2. Behind The Scenes                

Credit: Behind The Scenes

Behind-the-scenes footage of a movie is more entertaining and educative than the movie itself. For instance:

Remember those scenes in Game of Thrones were Khaleesi burnt down King’s Landing with her dragon? Did you know that the actors in those scenes were actually set on fire? (Don’t be alarmed. They had protective clothing.)


Just like a movie, your audience will be more thrilled and entertained when you show them clips of your brand processes. If you are a fashion designer, you could upload 1-minute videos showing how you made a dress. Or you could even show what your typical day looks like when you are not working. This makes your audience feel closer to you, understand that you are also human with imperfections, and trust in your processes and products.

3. Conduct an A.M.A.

A.M.A. means Ask Me Anything. With A.M.A., you engage your audience and get them to draw on your experience for free. 

There’s nothing an audience would like better than occasional free sessions with a brand they look up to.

Bonus tip: An A.M.A. does not mean giving out valuable information for free. Give out only part of the information, then find a way to advertise and sell your product.

4. Follow Trends

How did you feel watching female U.S. soldiers participate in the #DontRush challenge? It was fascinating to watch and changed your perception of the military, right?

Don't Rush Challenge

Participating in trends is a good way to gain more exposure and audience. Look out for trends on Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter, then replicate them on Instagram.

Warning: Do not follow or participate in every trend.

5. Thought Leadership

Share thoughts on your niche. Give your own ideas on what works and what doesn’t. Admonish your audience on what to do and what not to do. 

You can share your thoughts through live videos, recorded videos, personal quotes, articles, and so on.

6. Share/Promote Audience Content                

Another sure way to engage with your audience is by sharing and promoting their works. With this, you do not only engage with them; you connect with them. That way, they know you are not a brand that is only interested in their pockets—you are committed to adding value to them.

It tells them that you are actively looking out for them and keeping track of their progress.

7. Contests/Giveaway


Everyone loves freebies.

Organize contests and attach rewards to them. It could be monetary rewards or your product. This is one way to drive massive engagement and following to your page.


We hope you would put these content ideas into practice. But before you do, why not learn more about managing your social media accounts by taking our Social Media Money Code. Click this link to enrol now.

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P.S.: What other ways do you know that Instagram can be used to entertain audiences? Let’s know your thoughts in the comment.

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