7 Good Reasons Why You Should Be A Baker

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By Maureen Eugene

Cheryl loved to bake. There was always this sense of fulfillment when she baked pies and cakes for her household or clients. One night, at a get-together with her friends, she was asked a simple question: “Why are you a baker?” Her answer came with stutters. Then, it dawned on her that she had never really taken time to know why she was a baker.

You may be like Cheryl — you love to do a thing, yet you cannot place a reason why you do what you do. This often happens when your hobby grows into a career path. When a hobby turns into a career, it is often difficult to communicate your love and passion for your craft to others. However, this article will help you overcome this difficulty by outlining 7 good reasons why you are or should be a baker.

1. You can make a great career out of it 

One of the primary aims of having a career is to make money. And being a baker can make you lots of money. So many people today who own a bakery were once people who just loved to bake in their houses. However, with time they realized they could satisfy people's needs and get paid while at it. No need for job hunting — dropping resumes and updating LinkedIn profiles.

In fact, the baking industry is so lucrative that in 2019, nearly all top 10 bakery companies like Mondelēz International (maker of Oreo) and Kellogg Company (maker of Pringles) raked in over a billion dollars in revenue. As a baker, you can become your own boss.

2. It's easy to learn

For a beginner, learning how to bake may look strenuous, but that's just a beginner's mindset. All you need for learning is dedication and having a can-do spirit. Learning how to bake is so easy that you can even learn it online from the comfort of your home. Our Cake Baking and Decoration course consists of instructional videos where Blessing Umeh, the CEO of Emporium Pastries teaches and guides the student on how to bake and decorate different types of cake. Click here to take the course.

3. You choose what to eat

There are people who love pastries but are skeptical about eating them since they cannot ascertain how it is prepared. Becoming a baker gives you the ability to bake these pastries yourself, using ingredients that are healthy for you. Also as a professional baker, you can inform your client’s choice of pastries that suit their lifestyle and health needs.

4. Baking is a skill that will never go out of style

As the world progresses with technological advancements, there are skills and careers that are no longer needed. For instance, VHS players have been replaced by smart TVs, while newspapers have been replaced by smartphones. But baking never goes out of style. Baking is as old as man and till today, we still enjoy the tastiness of cakes and cookies and breads and pies.

5. You don't need a degree 

If you're concerned about acquiring a degree first before becoming a baker, then you are wrong. Becoming a baker doesn't require any formal education whether you are learning from a physical school or online. For example, all you need to take our Cake Baking and Decoration course is your phone or laptop and internet connectivity.


6. You can enjoy a flexible schedule 

Being your own boss gives you the opportunity to work at your pace. Even though you have to meet deadlines, you still reserve the prerogative to make your schedule flexible without being put under pressure by a superior. For instance, you can have a two-day work schedule and rest on the other days. Having such a flexible schedule gives you the opportunity to spend enough time with your loved ones.

7. You explore your creativity

There are things you never know you can do until you give it a try. As you progress in baking, you would definitely wonder at your creativity. From the icing designs of your cake to the mixture of ingredients that gives your pastries a distinct taste, there is no limit to the creativity baking endows you with.

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