6 Lessons From Davido's Recent Philanthropy

Maureen Eugene
By Maureen Eugene
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It's no longer news what Davido did on his birthday last week. First, we all thought it would be a regular birthday where friends and families would wish him a happy birthday from all social media channels but something different happened. The afro-pop star threw a challenge to his friends and folks within his circle of influence requesting that each send him one million naira.

Davido tweeted: "If you know If I've given you a hit song . . . send me money . . . una know una selves ooo." This was after he tweeted the details of a new account he opened with Wema Bank just for that purpose.

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Several celebrities, fans and friends responded to his call. Davido received a total of 200 million naira on his birthday. This was real proof of his popular slang: e choke! While fans across the globe were speculating on what he would do with the cash gift, Davido added 50 million naira to the money and donated everything to orphanage homes across Nigeria.

Davido's influence and philanthrophy hold some key lessons we would like to share with you.

  1. A good name is better than riches: When you grow to become a name, people will give to you even if it means being part of the trend or being in your good books. Davido has built a name and that is why he could command such attention. This is only possible when you are a person of value. Remember, money flows in the direction of value.

  2. Your network is your net worth: Davido's network says it all. He strategically called his rich friends and inner circle whom he knew were capable of sending him a 1 million naira. In simple terms, your network is your net worth. There is money on the list but it depends on the list of people you have around you. Your ability to build a network of professional and sound relationships is the most important asset in your portfolio.

  3. The numbers never lie: Over the years, Davido has built a formidable fan base. From a business/marketing point of view, it's all about the numbers. He has 21.9M followers on Instagram; if we take 1% of his followers to be die-hard fans and loyalists, that sums up to 219,000 loyalists. Now, if each of these loyalists gave him 1000 naira instead of 1 million naira, that's 219 million naira! The number of friends and followers you have on social media is not some vanity metric. If used rightly, they can create wealth for you.

  4. People love to be associated with success: This is a natural phenomenon and that is why you must strive to be successful. Most of the people who gave him money may not even have direct access to him but since they believed in his influence, they sent in their donations. Who wouldn't want to say that they gave Davido money?

  5. There is no shame in selling: "Thank you for the 1 Million. How far endorsement? Una no see wetin I dey do?" This was Davido's message to Wema bank after the bank also sent him 1 million naira. He subtly pushed for an endorsement and two days later, Wema bank officials visited him in Dubai. From this, you can tell that Davido is a good salesperson and he is unashamed. Besides who shame epp? Ogbeni, push for more!

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  6. You must have a message: "We rise by lifting others." This has been Davido's unparalleled message and he proved it by giving back to society. Your message makes you unique amongst many. Davido's message remained consistent like a national anthem and now is on the lips of his fans and friends. Your message has to be consistent so that people will know you for that.


You don't have to be a music artist to command such a level of attention. All you need is to be a person of value. Offer value today through your craft or skill. Let the world know you for what you do. Be intentional with your connections and circle because people love to be associated with success. If you become successful, successful people will look for you. Just as the saying goes, "You attract your kind."

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