5 tools you need for mobile graphic designing

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By Maureen Eugene and Elochukwu Favour

Tari hopes to design on the go. Frequently, smart designs pop into his head and he would wish he could quickly design them — not just for the money but for his creativity to find expression. However, he feels limited using only his PC since he's not always with it. Sometimes, he could be at Efe’s house and get an inspiration for a design but before he’d get home, he’d forget the idea. He shared this challenge with Efe and Efe introduced him to these 5 tools for mobile graphic design



Whether you're using Android or IOS, Canva allows you to freely make your designs from any of them. It's easy and simple to use. Amateur designers find it intriguing to exercise their creative skills with this app. This is because Canva allows you to select designs from a template in which you can edit text and add, remove or modify icons to your taste. One of the most unique things about Canva is that the app makes your design worthwhile for the end-user experience. And if you want to share your designs on social media, Canva is the best option among many.

2. OVER:


Over is a design-from-scratch tool you can use to create seamless designs. You can use it to design offline. It has both free and paid versions. It has thousands of stock pictures. You can use it to edit your pictures too.


adobe spark post

You can easily use Adobe Spark Post to create social media designs mostly. It has a lot of free icons and pictures too. Although it has a paid version that offers more tools, its free version is very helpful.



Pixellab is mostly underrated. You can use it to design while you are offline. It is a bit complex and one needs some tutorials to be able to use it effectively.


adobe comp

Adobe Comp is a mobile graphic design tool that can only be used if your phone is compatible with the Adobe software. It has a lot of shapes and fonts one can choose from. With these tools, Tari can now freely make stunning graphics straight from his phone. You too can be like him. But first, you have to learn what graphic design is all about. Start your learning journey by taking our Design and Earn Course. Click here to enroll now.

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