4 Digital Skills You Need to End Sapa as a Nigerian

Maureen Eugene
By Maureen Eugene
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Sapa is the latest slang that has taken over the Nigerian social media space. It means being out of cash, being extremely broke. The word suits the current economic climate in Nigeria, it could well be part of our national pledge or motto.

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Everyone is shouting “Sapa,” but no one is asking the way out of it. You see, once you don't have a high-income digital skill that fetches you loads of money, sapa go surely reach you

Know this: there are skills and there are money fetching skills. It is now left for you to ask yourself if you have just a skill or a high-income skill. With a high-income skill, you can join the many cashing out despite Nigeria’s rough economic terrain. So what are some of these skills?

1. Cryptocurrency trading: With crypto trading, you can end sapa for life. Crypto trading, like any other skill, requires in-depth knowledge, a smartphone, and sufficient data. Having the experience helps you build your net worth and network because thousands of people trade the crypto market daily. Crypto trading has made many young Nigerians millionaires. You can be part of them by learning how to trade here

2. WhatsApp monetization: The average Nigerian has Whatsapp installed on their phone. You just received a WhatsApp notification as you’re reading this article right now. But has it ever occurred to you that you can monetize the app? There is a business side of WhatsApp. If you learn how to monetize your WhatsApp, you can grow your customer base and make loads of money. You just need to know the secret to it. Find out the secret here

3. Affiliate marketing: It seems like everyone is delving into affiliate marketing. Well, who would not? Who wouldn’t want to wake up to constant 6-figure credit alerts just marketing the products of others? It is a skill that allows you to make money from the comfort of your home. No suit, no tie, no CV. Whether a student or a busy professional, you can be an affiliate marketer at your convenience. You can begin your affiliate marketing journey by taking this course.  

4. Video production and editing: Here are 3 facts from Wyzowl you need to know about videos:

  • An average person views 211 videos in a month.

  • 79% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read a text.

  • 20 million videos are uploaded on Facebook every month.

Now you know these facts, do you also know that you can make money by producing and editing videos? Do you also know you can learn video production and editing at DABA?

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Do you also know that you can learn other “sapa-quenching” skills from DABA? You don't need to leave your house to learn them. All you need is to register and take your desired course with us. Oya click here make sapa no reach you. 



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