3 Sure Paths To Financial Freedom

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By Tamilore Adewuyi

Financial freedom is having enough residual income to cover your living expenses. It is not about being rich and having tons of money, but having enough to cover your expenses so that you can spend your precious time on other productive activities rather than channeling all your time and energy just to earn money that wouldn't be sufficient to meet your basic needs.

The path to attaining financial freedom is a wide one and it is something everyone should seek to attain. So how can you attain financial freedom?

Here are 3 paths to guide you:

Path 1: Learn a skill

Learning a skill is one of the surest paths to financial freedom. As a matter of fact, mastering a high income skill is much profitable in this age and time. DABA teaches high income skills like Affiliate Marketing, Cryptocurrency Trading, Graphic Designing, and so on that can help you earn above the income of an average person.

Path 2: Multiple income streams

Having just one stream of income is limiting and risky. It is important to get more than one source of income if you want to attain financial freedom. Multiple streams of income means more money, and you can rest assured that you cannot be financially stranded at any point. Having multiple streams of income sets you up for the third path to financial freedom.

Path 3: Save and Invest

There is a saying that "a part of what you earn is yours to keep." This is true and you must bear it in mind always. However, you don't just save money if you want to attain financial freedom. It is important to cultivate the habit of ploughing back the earnings from your skill into other profitable ventures. You need to invest your savings in order to make more money. Let your money work for you. Let it multiply.

Making profitable investments is the only way to make your money grow while you are not working.

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