3 Elements of a Good Advert

Caleb Ihuarulam
By Caleb Ihuarulam
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Nike’s “Just do it” campaigns still remain one of the top adverts of all time. When you see an excellent advert, nobody tells you. You just know that you have seen a thing of beauty. If you are a writer or video creator or even an affiliate marketer, how do you create mind-blowing adverts? How do you create an advert that creates a reaction for your audience? Here are 3 solid steps on how to do so. 

A Great Advertisement is Visually Alive

Our world is dominated by images. This means that you should consider the aesthetic effect of any ad you create, regardless of the medium. Consider how your ad will match your entire message. Think about how your target audience will react. Consider everything from images and colour schemes to text size, shape, depth, and thickness.

Do the folks in your ad represent the same demographic as the ones you want to attract? Are the symbols, pictures, elements, and representations vibrant enough to catch your audience's attention? 

If you're in a non-diverse area, don't go for diversity-first photos. Select images that complement your brand and target demographic.

An Excellent Advertisement is Relatable

Any form of advertising must include a relatable factor for the target demographic. The practice of using young, attractive people to represent brands will almost certainly never go out of style. However, the use of something or someone that isn't ideal attracts the most attention. Are you making sure that the models and actors in your adverts are ones that your target audience can relate to?

The small details that distinguish fashion models are a fantastic example. This goes way beyond the commercial sector. From moles to gapped front teeth, some of the most successful models had minor flaws. Why do these flaws have such a favorable impact while playing a role of imaginary perfection?

It is because they possess elements that make the audience relate to the brand, the product, or the person. Just ask Marcia Kirlin 

Great Advertisement Tell People What to Do Afterwards

Your ad's call-to-action is one of its most vital aspects; unfortunately, it's also one of the most overlooked. If the aim of your ad is to sell plasters, you must instruct your customer to do so at some point in the ad: “Buy my Plaster!” Yes, your advertisement has to shout it out. 

Customers must be able to purchase what you're selling. The messaging needs to be crystal clear, whether it's a “click to learn more,” dial  this number,” or  “visit our showroom to purchase.” 

So What? 

It is no longer enough to just tell people what you sell. There are many people out there who are selling different products. Some of them have the same quality as yours - some even better. Your adverts help you call attention to your products. With an ever-decreasing attention span, you have to maximize the view time your advert has. Don’t waste those precious minutes not saying anything. Worse still, don’t say something that will be forgotten as soon as the advert ends.  

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