2020 And Your Journey To Financial Freedom

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By Gideon Chukwuemeka Ogbonna

It is New Year’s Eve. Your mistakes crystallize on the surface of your mind. For you, you had no wins except being alive. 2020 was a tough year: the excuse you tell yourself, the excuse on the lips of everyone. Indeed, it was the toughest year ever, but as you make this excuse, you get a prodding, you feel the truth shoving away this excuse—you know you should have done better.

It is New Year’s Eve. You realize the world does not stop. Never has. Never will. In a year where a novel virus made the earth pause to catch its breath and made many take their last breath, you hear of the successes of individuals and companies. Blessing, Justina, Amos, Tomilola. Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, Zoom Video. You read about their milestones and ask yourself what you did with yourself and how you are not financially free yet.

It is New Year’s Eve. And you are reading this piece. A piece not meant to make you beat yourself up for having a bumpy ride to financial liberation, but to show you what to do to avoid another bumpy ride in 2021. Correcting a mistake begins with a realization. Then knowing the solution. Then action. You have realized, now it is time for you to know.


One: Know the inconstancy of seasons. This year, you erroneously thought that seasons never change. The pandemic took everyone by surprise, altered the world we knew. And you felt that this new way of living would forever persist. This perception planted fear in you, limited you, made you feel there was no use in trying. You failed to understand that time never lasts. A second vanishes within a second. If you had understood the inconstancy of seasons, the undulating nature of time, you would have known that the pandemic is a passing phase. You would have known that if at the end of it all you count more losses than wins, then you suffered a double defeat: the upturning of your life because of the pandemic, and the many losses after. You would have known the value in adversity.

Two: Know the gift in adversity. It is in the place of adversity that you find your strength. In the place of adversity, you are a butterfly. Because it is in the prison of its dark and lonely cocoon that the butterfly knows it has the ability to fly, to pollinate, to display its wings of many colours. Adversity is meant to crush you, but will you allow it crush you into powder, or will you release your wine like a grapefruit? Adversity reveals a gap, a human problem. And a solution to this problem translates to a financial opportunity.

Three: Know and seize opportunities. Opportunities are like pebbles buried in the sand; they are hard to find. So, you need to be mentally alert to find them, know them, and seize them. It becomes easier in the presence of adversity, for adversity is like the wind that sweeps the sand away, uncovering the pebbles beneath. In the peak of the pandemic in April, Chris Ani, in what one can term a clarion call, stated reasons why people should invest in Bitcoin despite the pandemic. Some were skeptical about the financial market and thought it a wiser option not to invest. But others seized the opportunity. As at the time of Chris’s article, Bitcoin was about $7000. As of the time of this article, Bitcoin’s value is above $29,000. Now, who came out of the other end of adversity wiser, stronger, and richer?


It is New Year’s Eve. You realize the world does not stop. Your mistakes crystallize on the surface of your mind. But most importantly, the corrections to your mistakes have been penned down for you. All that is left is for you to act. Discard fear. Read that book. Make that investment. Take that DABA Course. You have a long list to choose from—Trade and Make Money, Design and Earn Masterclass, Income Boosting Course, Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course, YouTube Mastery Course, Video Production Masterclass, Wealth Building Masterclass, User Interface and Experience Design, Cake Baking and Decoration, and Drone Piloting and Business Course.

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A new year is dawning. Know it is a season to plant, to build—no matter the economic, political, or social climate. We at DABA are always here to guide you every step of the way. We know your 2021 will be a great year. When it is New Year’s Eve in December 2021, let your many wins crystallize on the surface of your mind.

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