10 Types of Crypto Traders in a Red Market

Maureen Eugene
By Maureen Eugene
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Crypto trading is an interesting venture, of course almost everyone knows and hears about it. First, the ROI increases your dopamine —  that chemical reaction in the human body responsible for allowing you to feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation. However, that feeling doesn't always last long when the market starts to dip spontaneously. Hahaha… it will amaze you to see even the big boys whining and crying over a normal bearish market. Although not all, especially for those who understand how the market works but the majority fall in these categories.

  • The ones who stay indoors crying literally as though it's the end of the world for them.


You see these ones ehh, they are either the borrowers or the borrowee. They are not just crying because of the dip but how to pay back the money they borrowed from the bank, families and friends. Some are even crying because they willingly gave out the money for their friends to trade for them but e come dip. Portfolio don red.

  • Those who console themselves with their Whatsapp status.

Screenshot 20211030-091156

You will see these ones posting status every five minutes. Their status will even form a waist bead. And if you are affected by the dip too, you will find yourself going to view their status every time they make a post just for laugh's sake. 

  • The ones who turn to motivational speakers in every group they belong to.

Screenshot 20211030-092219

When you thought you've seen it all then motivational speakers emerge like prophets sent to comfort the broken souls. Some of them will even dig into the past dips through research and then predict the future to comfort the group members. These ones are the perspire to acquire. 

  • The ones who pack their loads and go kpata kpata

107711916 46406246-40e7-4b4b-82d4-86c6b7a3642e

These ones are so done with trading. They probably used their school fees to trade e no come work. 'Lori Iro'

  • The ones who understand the market.


These ones have long been in the business. They've gone through the worst dip and understand better. They know the market will rise again like dry bones. Their status on WhatsApp is highly anticipated because they are well respected in the game.

  • The aggressive ones


These ones become aggressive at the slightest provocation. E remain small make dem fight you from Whatsapp especially if you're the one who talked them into trading. Just leave them, let them mourn their loss.

  • The 'I don't care group'

Screenshot 20211030-105722

They are not moved even if it goes deeper. They know they bought coins in 2019 but whether it is panning out or not, they don't care.

  • The ones who are always checking their portfolio every minute.


These ones are still not convinced that their portfolio is red. They keep checking every moment. "E be like say e don dey green."

  • The ones who communicate with stickers and emojis on Whatsapp.


These ones are tired of typing. Who typing epp when my portfolio dey bleed. They reply with emojis and stickers.

  • Those ones waiting for the dip to end

Screenshot 20211030-110357

These ones believe that a patient dog eats the fattest bone. They just sit and watch because they know something huge is coming out after the dip. 

Let's know the group you belong to in the comment section. But before that, have you taken our Trade and Make Money Course?

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