10 Designs To Inspire Your Next Cake

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By Maureen Eugene

Dear Pastry Chef,

I am sure you wish to go beyond the conventional cake designs. Those types that remind everyone that it’s still the same you — no innovation, no spice. Those wedding cakes that lack the right embellishment which should have gotten all eyes on them. Those cakes that don’t get the guests asking who made it.

The purpose of cake decoration is primarily to make plain cakes more visually interesting. Sadly, you are not achieving this. You’ve run out of ideas. You need inspiration like a writer needs her muse. We know this. This is why we have come up with 10 outstanding cake designs for different occasions — whether a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party. 

1. Basketweave Cake: When you think of special occasions like Easter celebration and Mother’s Day, think of a basketweave design. It is simple and elegant and can make anyone think you’re a pro. Creating a basketweave design on a cake is simply piping vertical lines and strips in a series of coordinated steps.


2. Lace Cake design: One of the many facets and techniques of cake designs is the sugar lace popularly known as lace cake. It is edible and can be used for other forms of pastries like cookies and cupcakes.

lace cake

3. Damask: Primarily, damask is suitable for all parties. Its intricate pattern feature makes it stunning and mouthwatering. It comes with ornamental symbols, small black designs, and is nicely organized with fondant cutters or stencils.

damask design

4. Ruffles: One effect that most people love on cakes is the ruffle. They are beautiful designs that make you want to feel and have some at sight. They are regarded as the mother of multi-colored desserts and can be soft and delicate. Most people think only pros can achieve this design, but anyone can give it a try.


5. Metallic Gold: Whether anniversary or weddings, a metallic gold design never disappoints. They are edible, but the color of the fondant or buttercream underneath matters a lot when buying.

metallic gold

6. Swiss dots: This can be achieved using a simpress — an innovation that transforms any crumb-coated cake into a striking and edible work of art. They may look taxing, but the decoration is achieved in splits of minutes using the simpress tool. 

swiss dots

7. Buttercream roses: You might want to ask how it’s done or piped? Well, by using the right piping nozzle. The piping nozzle makes the icing look like freshly picked roses from the garden.


8. Ombre: It’s a popular cake design. It is a blend of sponge and buttercream and most of all a colorful cake. The effect is magical and can make you crave for it at mere sight.

ombre cake design

9. Hand Painted: They are lovely designs that require artistic skills. And because of how special they are, it’s rare to see them around, coupled with the fact that they require a luxury of time to design.

hand painted

10. Animal print: This appears colorful most of the time. They never go out of style and can come in natural tones or fun, colorful designs. They are great options for baby showers, birthdays, and weddings. And from the fondant, you can choose to paint leopards or giraffe prints.

animal print

Now that you have known 10 designs that can inspire your next cake, we have more for you. We are offering you the opportunity to learn how to bake tasty cakes and decorate with these designs we’ve shown you. Our Cake Baking and Decoration Course will teach you all you need to know about baking sweet and beautiful cakes.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Click here to get the course NOW!

Cake Course

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